• Cambodian Security Guard Salary

    The Cambodian government is investigating the case of a security guard who allegedly helped four people escape from quarantine facilities for the COVID-19 outbreak in Phnom Penh. The accused is facing up to one year in jail if convicted. A spokesperson for the city's municipal court, Kuch Kimlong, said the prosecutor decided to charge the guard under Article 42 of the Law on Disaster Management. The investigation into the incident continues.

    The minimum salary for a security guard in Cambodia is 1,220,000 KHR (US$70) per month. A diploma-holder earns 93% more. An average increase of 5% in yearly salary is expected, making a Cambodian security guard's monthly salary between R50,000 and R66700. If the government is successful in implementing COVID-19 laws, a Cambodian security guard can expect to earn a high annual salary within a few years.

    The salary of a Cambodian security guard varies greatly. A certificate-holder will earn about R200,000 a year, or about $1.02 USD per month. A high school graduate will earn between R50,000 and R700 a month. As of November 2018, the average salary of a security guard in Cambodia will be approximately R6,300. In addition to this, the salaries are expected to increase by 5% every year.

    A Cambodian security guard's salary is based on their qualifications. Those without a diploma or training are deemed unauthorized to work in the country. The average monthly salary of a security guard in Cambodia is 1,220,000 KHR. However, people with a diploma will earn 93% more than their untrained counterparts. This means that a person with a higher education will receive a large annual salary in a few years.

    The salary of a Cambodian security guard is largely determined by the type of work performed. While the minimum wage in the country is R50,000, a Cambodian security guard will earn between R66700 a year. The average monthly pay of a security guard is less than the salary of a police officer. But the salary for a Cambodian security employee is well above the minimum wage for a police officer.

    In addition to being paid less than a certificate holder, a diploma-holding security guard will make about R200,000 a year. In contrast, a high-school graduate will make around R50,000 a month. Both of these figures are expected to rise by 5% annually. The salaries of Cambodian security guards are also very high. This is a lucrative position with a lot of opportunities for advancement. The job of a Cambodian security officer is highly sought-after in the country.

    The salary of a security guard in Cambodia ranges from R500,000 to R75,000 a month. The higher the level of education, the higher the salary. With a certificate, a Cambodian security guard can expect to earn up to R180,000 per month. This position can be lucrative as a source of income and a source of revenue for the local economy. It is not easy to get started in this profession, but once you have a high-school diploma, you can earn as much as R250,000 a year.

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